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Each of us got hit on the blindside in 2020. At the same time, millions of Americans were forced out of their jobs and became reliant on government benefits to pay their bills and survive. With no end in sight, most people are seeking out new opportunities and wondering if there is a change that can take place to transform their life for the better. The Hire Power Talent Advocates are ready to dedicate themselves to end joblessness and discovering a new prosperous position for candidates. Our team has a passion for helping others find dormant or undiscovered qualities that lie within every person and are waiting to be brought back into view. The advocates are here to offer the necessary support to reach your goals for 2020 and beyond. In these times, where so much has been taken, the Hire Power Team is here to highlight every person’s abilities, skills, and show them the opportunities that could be available to them. Most importantly, being a group that helps others navigate through the turbulent times by offering comfort, reassurance, and becoming a new hope.

According to the Pew Research Center, the United States unemployment rate sat at 3.8% in February and would balloon to an all-time high of 14.4%. The impact of COVID-19 has hit certain industries harder than others. These facts have left those affected with feelings of helplessness. The Hire Power Talent Advocates encourage job seekers to hold their heads high during these troubling times.

Any person who is looking for employment should share their experiences on personal social networks. Also, each person should remain active in expanding their professional and social connections on sites like LinkedIn. This platform supports potential employees and employers in boosting and declaring their business as well as connecting themselves or their brand with likeminded or compatible individuals.

The Hire Power Talent Advocates are offering their services by translating previous work experience into new beginnings for other industries. Candidates would need to bring past job descriptions to help guide the Hire Power Team in creating specific resumes that can be transformed and tailored for multiple positions. Also, the advocates will use their know-how and connections to get applicants the recognition they deserve. This process may take some time and patience, but the candidates should find relief that our team will not quit until they find that one yes.

Unfortunately, most of the businesses that are affected employ individuals with a lower income or part-time workers. However, the bottom line is that too many people are left jobless. Some may feel discouraged due to their livelihoods being snatched away from them with no-fault being of their own. The Hire Power Talent Advocates are waiting to serve anyone seeking higher ground during this crisis.

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