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The Hire Powers Network Hackathon

The rallying cry of the Hire Powers Network is to end joblessness. Every member of our team is committed to putting their mind and muscles together to achieve this goal. While some may see this as an unattainable ideal, our unit is resolute in assisting applicants in their search for a job. Also, once these individuals get an offer, the talent advocates will be there answering questions or helping them in any other portion of the acceptance process.

Within every organization, the employees become the heartbeat in successfully applying the mission statement at the ground level. During this manifestation, adding the right individual to the team could make a significant impact on the future of a company. However, finding the best person can be difficult unless there is a panel of career-specific leaders from some of the top global corporations waiting to judge the potential candidates. Luckily, the Hire Powers Network had exactly that in their recent Hackathon to find a Social Media Coordinator Intern.

The Hire Powers Network Hackathon brought in nine college students to compete for the aforementioned position. Unfortunately, only one of these brilliant contestants would be able to join the Hire Powers team. Although, each would be able to gather some invaluable experience, feedback, and constructive criticism that could help them move forward in their budding careers. The contest began with the nine participants divided into three groups. The members of each team were given specific challenges that would help the judges decipher who would be best individual for the internship. The first scenario was starting a low-budget advertising campaign that would introduce the public to our organization. The next situation had the teams working together to brainstorm then showcase examples of how the Hire Powers Network could make an impact using the available social media platforms. The final circumstances had each group developing three separate fundraising plans that would target different age groups. Each judge thought that the team's worked together and delivered unique concepts that would have been beneficial to our organization.

Undoubtedly, all nine of the participants would have been excellent additions to Hire Powers Network. However, in the spirit of competition, the panel had to cut the field down to four applicants in order to move on to the next challenge. During the final stage of the Hire Powers Hackathon, each candidate was tasked to develop a plan for their first thirty, sixty, and ninety days if they were selected to fill the social media coordinator internship. Each of the students dazzled the judges with their thorough plans and presentations. Truly, this spectacular group of prospects left a difficult decision for each judge. However, Sam King would showcase her creative ideas and delivered extensive research, but it was her understanding and desire to help end joblessness that gave her the edge over the other candidates. Sam won the Hackathon and accepted the position as our Social Media Coordinator Intern!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over twelve million Americans are currently unemployed. While this fact is not a desirable scenario, the Hire Powers Network team has a great opportunity to achieve their calling and affect so many lives. An all hands-on deck approach will be beyond necessary if the Hire Powers team is going to achieve the mission of ending joblessness. The staff that looks to achieve our main objective will organically vault themselves into leadership roles in their professional and personal life.

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