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Don't fight the journey, be thankful for it.

For many people around the world, the holidays this year just won't be the same.

Last night, I was having a rough evening and missing my grandma something fierce. So to calm myself I played one of the voice messages I had saved of her's over the years. It didn't matter which one, I just clicked on the first one my eyes went to. She said:

"Hey, this is grandmama. Just calling to see if you got where you were going. Call me when you get there. Love you bye."

I listened to that message another three or four times. The first few times I just wanted to take in her sweet, shaky voice. The last few listens, though, I really just wanted to soak up the message: "Just calling to see if you got where you were going. Call me when you get there."

For many people around the world, the holidays this year just won't be the same --- yeah, I know we all know that. But I hope you also know that just because all the "good things" seem more out of reach, doesn't mean that all that's still "good" can't be celebrated. All the sweet little nothings of life that we loved before are still there, waiting to be celebrated. We just have to remember to be thankful and be willing to celebrate them in a different way.

This year has made all of us question where we're going; in which direction to head. It's made us reevaluate our finances and our plans for the future. Some of us are finally where we want to be, but still don't want to get too comfortable, out of fear that our seemingly stable situation is going to be snatched out from under us when we least expect it. Some of us are still patiently waiting for our journey to begin. We're all in different places on our various journeys, but we're all headed somewhere. No matter what point of your trip you're on, it's okay to stop and take a break and marvel at how far you've come. Everyone, in fact, has started somewhere.

My journey hasn't exactly been the most pleasant. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years won't ever quite be the same. But I'm still surrounded by people who love me. I have a job that nurtures my talents and supports my professional growth. I have dreams that I'm working hard every day to fulfill. I finally know my purpose. But I wouldn't have discovered that purpose had I not endured the losses that I have this year. I mean, how are you to truly appreciate your landing if you don't experience some form of turbulence during takeoff?

You have a purpose. No matter what the tests of this world have put you through this year, you went through it for a reason and now you're here. What are you going to do with this moment? Whether a specific journey has ended and you're ready for another, or if you're tentatively embarking on another -- trust the process and stop and acknowledge just how far you've come. Be thankful for the little things -- family/friends, food, shelter, love -- because those are the aspects of life that not only make it possible (as far the food goes), but truly make it worth enduring.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Marjorie Freeman is a young, aspiring writer and creative visionary who simply enjoys the healing power of words and design. Working as the associate editor for the Red Hat editiorial Enable Architect and a content strategist for a DonateThis by day, and a visual artist and descriptive writer by night, it's her ultimate hope to use her creativity to inspire, uplift, and encourage any and everyone who needs it. You can follow her work here on Hire Powers Network, LinkedIn, or on Medium

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