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Oh, how bright the future is!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Proud woman

Congratulations! Today is the day! You're going to do great things, so start it in the best way!

You've got a pep in your step. You have feet in your shoes. So, get up and get going -- put that energy to good use! Whether it's running a mile or reading a book, start the day off your way because a little self care is always a good look!

You've got two hours before work begins. Oh no! You can't be late. "I won't be late" you say, "Today is a clean slate." With your mind full of positivity and your stride brisk, full of glee, you're confident in yourself. You've got no time for negativity.

Quit?! Who?! Push through, push through.

This mile is a true test, but in the end, trust me, you will feel brand new.

Don't get discouraged. Please do not fret! You've got this. Just get through this moment and you're all set.

You did it! You did it! It wasn't about the mile, it's the fact that you fought through to the finish line, like hard work is going out style.

Oh! How bright the the future is!

Go on! Strut in to that 9-5 with pride, whatever it may be! Remember, baby steps - patience is key.

Don't let that boss get you down, because you've got everything down pat. Whether you're answering calls, flipping burgers, or counting inventory, you're in charge of your own sanity -- you wear the hat.

Days don't always go as planned, but at some point, they do end. It may not be right at five or even at six. but you're a survivor, on that you can depend.

It ain't always easy, of that you can be certain. Just put in the time, stay strong, because what you're doing is working.

You're never too old to learn something new. So, go on, crack open a book and discover a thing or two.

When you get home, oh yes, you will crash. But get something in that stomach of yours, multitask! Your eyes will get droopy and you'll be ready to hit the sack. When sleep comes, don't fight it; hit that comfy couch of yours with a smack!

You may sleep for hours and hours and it only feels like one, because you tossed and turned all night, with no real shuteye until the rising of the morning sun. The sun usually greets you with a kiss and a warm grin; you'd be ready to get up, get out, lace up your shoes, and get it in.

But you overslept and you've got work in an hour, much to your chagrin.

Maybe a big ole cup of coffee will do the trick, ooo maybe a big blueberry muffin, too! For the coffee, one lump of sugar, or better yet, maybe even two?

Then you turn and look at the tv and you freeze in your tracks, all frazzled and startled.

The world as you know it is changing; things appear grim, when they used to sparkle.

Your nerves make you shake, and you feel your stomach drop. Your phone rings, as expected, and you rush to it before it stops.

You grab it just in time, pick it up, and hear that it's your boss."We have to let you go due to resource cuts." She says, as your eyes begin to gloss.

All your hard work, only to suffer this kind of loss...

... the kind of loss that you feel skin-deep. From the tips of your nails, all the way down to your feet. You have bills that are due, finances that look blue, a house that is new, school to get through. If your boss only knew. If your boss only knew...

...if only she knew; knew the extent of your determination; the long nights put in to build yourself a solid career foundation; how you always managed to battle past your frustration ... past all the times it got so hard, and all the times you felt like you weren't going to go far, and all the times your mind said no, but your perseverance refused to let you let go....

How could this be?

But wait! Is that hope I see? Somehow something keeps you going. You can't give up! You won't give up!

So let's keep the good times rolling. Grab that computer and that coffee cup!

Oh! How bright the future is! There are applications to be done. There is no time to waste. "1-click--apply", takes no time at all. Hurry now, there are jobs to be won, you won't drop the ball.

The money will come rolling in soon, just you wait and see! Soon enough you'll be bringing in a better check than before, maybe even two times as much; maybe even three!

Until then, you've got some time to spare. See what your friends are up to, it's been far too long since you've let down your hair.

You decide to splurge a bit, a few extra dollars spent won't hurt, here or there...

...until the funds run out, and your account is in a drought.

You see my friend, sometimes things don't always go your way.

The jobs don't always rack in.

"We regret to inform you..."'ll have to be out the job yet another day.

COVID. It's here, whether we like it or not. Wreaking havoc on all our lives, like a sodded old mop. The job market isn't quite what you once thought it to be. There's no jobs to be had, or at least nothing that you can see. Rejection after rejection, with no prospects in sight. No one is hiring, not even the places you don't want; no one seems to bite.

But on you will go, even though pushing past temptation is hard. On you will go, even though your pride is scarred.

On you will go, though your friends may fuss because they miss you. You explain and explain and they still don't seem to have a clue just what you're going through.

We all have our own hurdles to overcome, and this trial is yours to bear. So, on you will study. If they're your true friends, they'll understand, and no matter what, they'll always be there.

You'll do what you gotta do in the meantime, just to get by.

Save, save, save down to the last penny and down to the last dime.

Try not to forget to spend time with the ones you love, because everyone needs the little moments, sometimes, that they can get the most out of.

Day by day, and step by step, you'll get closer and closer to where you want to be. Just keep working hard...

... and taking care of your mental health

... and everything will come together nicely. You'll see.

Life is a grind. At times, it can get hard to tell night from day.

You may forget a thing or two, because you've been so busy, your mind is vacationing off somewhere in Timbuktu

Will you pass the test?

Yes, you will indeed. Whether it's college or the school of hard knocks, you will succeed.

So, calling all graduates, cashiers, technicians, librarians and anything in between --- lace up those go-getters and chase after those dreams.

A setback is only a setup for a comeback, so never give up. You're almost there.

2021 is waiting. 2020 - beware.

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