Oh, how bright the future is!

Updated: Jan 5

Proud woman

Congratulations! Today is the day! You're going to do great things, so start it in the best way!

You've got a pep in your step. You have feet in your shoes. So, get up and get going -- put that energy to good use! Whether it's running a mile or reading a book, start the day off your way because a little self care is always a good look!

You've got two hours before work begins. Oh no! You can't be late. "I won't be late" you say, "Today is a clean slate." With your mind full of positivity and your stride brisk, full of glee, you're confident in yourself. You've got no time for negativity.

Quit?! Who?! Push through, push through.

This mile is a true test, but in the end, trust me, you will feel brand new.

Don't get discouraged. Please do not fret! You've got this. Just get through this moment and you're all set.

You did it! You did it! It wasn't about the mile, it's the fact that you fought through to the finish line, like hard work is going out style.

Oh! How bright the the future is!

Go on! Strut in to that 9-5 with pride, whatever it may be! Remember, baby steps - patience is key.

Don't let that boss get you down, because you've got everything down pat. Whether you're answering calls, flipping burgers, or counting inventory, you're in charge of your own sanity -- you wear the hat.

Days don't always go as planned, but at some point, they do end. It may not be right at five or even at six. but you're a survivor, on that you can depend.

It ain't always easy, of that you can be certain. Just put in the time, stay strong, because what you're doing is working.