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Meet our team

We are a group of dedicated volunteers committed to using our combined 50 years of corporate recruiting experience to help end joblessness in America, one city and one individual at a time. 

Meet Gretchen

Chief Talent Advocate, Board President

Meet Leane


Meet Allison

Brand Ambassador- CA, Board Member

Meet Sam 

Social Media Coordinator Intern

Meet Emily

Board Secretary 

Meet Nicole

Meet Karen

Talent Advocate

Talent Advocate, Board Vice President

Meet Melissa

Talent Advocate- Central, Board Member,

Partnership Committee Head Chair

Meet Mike

Talent Advocate- Texas, Board Member

Meet Jasmine

Talent Advocate- SE, Board Member, D&I Committee Head Chair

Meet Danielle

Board Member, Publications Committee Head Chair

Meet Darren 

Board Member, Veteran Hiring Committee Head Chair

Meet Patrick

Design Consultant

Open opportunity

Junior Talent Advocate- Early career

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